We're a family owned, female veteran-run business based just outside of Fort Worth, Texas. Every trailer is designed and built from the wheels up right in our facility. In the last 6 years with over 700 trailers sold, we went from one simple mobile grill built in our back yard to a dozen standard models and hundreds of customized trailers across North American and overseas.

OMG Grills was founded by Tabatha Erwin and her father Tim Erwin. After her return from serving in the Air Force, the pair came up with the idea to design and build an adaptable Outdoor Mobile Grills (OMG) system that could quickly, efficiently, and with minimal manpower serve food to a long line of hungry people. The concept of mounting the kitchen equipment on a lightweight trailer meant it could be easily towed and hand-maneuvered into a parking spot, through a crowd, or even across damaged terrain. The goal was to be a family business producing a “Made in the U.S.A.” product.

Encouraged by the early success of an OMG with a warmer, griddle, and steam table, we added a variety of other food preparation choices to additional models. OMGs now can also have several sizes of smokers, a Santa Maria-style adjustable grill, a deep fryer, a freezer, or concentrate solely on serving cold food and beverages.

As a household with a fireman, this also meant creating a safe operating environment. Our outdoor mobile kitchens are used at school and athletic fundraising efforts; church events; tailgating; employee events; military, police and fire departments; concession stands; and competition barbecues on a frequent basis. Those individuals or groups can then choose to put their trailers into action in an emergency situation such as natural disasters.

With the help of family and friends, we've been able to bring our vision to reality and the OMG line of outdoor mobile kitchens continues to expand and be used across the U.S. and in other countries. Our values are simple and straightforward: Jesus Christ, Him crucified, and raised three days later. Feeding the hungry is a principle He advocates and a mission we take very seriously.

We design each trailer under a clear-cut mission to create a product with market appeal that is well-crafted, versatile, durable, and affordable. Equally important, our vision is to provide a product that can assist in humanitarian efforts by serving food, help non-profits fund their projects and serve their communities, provide companies a way to bond with their customers, and give entrepreneurs a unique food opportunity to start or grow their business.

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SHIPS in 14-21 business days!
*due to delays in the supplly chain, CALL for current build/ship time
Due to the custom built nature, no returns are available.
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