What kind of vehicle do you need to pull an OMG? 
With every trailer under 1,100 pounds, virtually any vehicle with a tow package can pull an OMG. Tabatha pulls her OMG behind a Mini Cooper! However, please check your vehicle’s manufacturing towing recommendations.
What colors can I order an OMG in?
You can pick any color! Each trailer is powder-coated for durability in any color of your choice, at no additional charge.
How long will it take to get my OMG once I order?
You can pick any color! Each trailer is powder-coated for durability in any color of your choice, at no additional charge.
Can you ship an OMG? How much does it cost?
We've shipped concession trailers all over the continental US, and have even sent trailers oversees for use by the United States military! Shipping varies by season and distance, give us a call for a quote. You can also pick it up at our manufacturing facility just outside of Fort Worth, Texas. 
Can I get it wrapped?
There are many wrapped OMGs in use; however, we do not do wraps in-house.
How does the lease-to-own program work?
With only 10% down, we'll put you on a 12-month payment plan. When 50% is paid, we'll ship your OMG! Everyone is approved, no credit check required. Please see our lease-to-own page, 5% processing fee. Need it now? We have multiple traditional financing partners.
Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, we accept all major forms of payment, including checks, credit cards, and direct bank transfer via PayPal.
Will this pass a health inspection?
As health codes vary by state, county, and city, and can be vastly different even within the same jurisdiction, depending on what food or drink is being sold. However, we have hundreds of customers operating successful businesses with their OMG who regularly pass health inspections at fairs, events, and food trailer courts. Additionally, many nonprofits, government agencies, and companies feeding employees onsite are exempt from these inspections.
I need a few things modified. Will you customize?
Since all of our food trailers are built from the ground-up to order right in our own facility, we routinely adjust trailers for the intended flow of food, use case, and health code requirements. We also build fully custom food trailers and mobile kitchens.
Do you sell internationally? 
There are multiple OMGs operating outside of the United States. Please contact us for more information.


How many people does it take to operate?
A single cook can feed a crowd, but most models can accommodate multiple workers cooking food, doing prep work, and re-stocking/cleaning the serving area.
Do I need any special training? 
If you can flip a burger, you can run an OMG. For commercial cooking, most jurisdictions require a food handling license.
Can you customize the signage?
The optional marquee sign will have your business name or logo plasma-cut into it, and we also add a plasma-cut branded insert to the side of the trailer, as well as the roof panels on applicable models. 
How is the heat powered?
Each model contains two or three slots to hold your 20-pound propane tanks that power the griddle and steam table. Additionally, coal, wood, or a combination of the two can be used in the Santa Maria-style grill and smokers.
Which models are GSA-approved?
The Troop, Landry, and Lonestar are GSA-Advantage approved.
Are OMGs used in cooking contests?
Yes! Many blue ribbons have been awarded to OMG-prepared meals, especially smoked meats made in our patented dual-chamber vertical smoker on the Steampunk.
Can I customize the cooking equipment? 
Yes. We can swap or add equipment to most models, as space allows. Please contact us to discuss other configurations than our current models.
How do I store my OMG when not in use?
While the frame is powder-coated for durability and weather resistance, we recommend storing it inside a garage, outbuilding, or under an overhead roof. If left outside, a car cover or tarps can be put over it to maximize the lifespan of the cooking equipment.

We recommend removing the hitch during outside storage to prevent it from being stolen.
How is food served on an OMG?
Food can be plated and served conventionally from the steam table and grill, or have patrons move down the buffet line for maximum efficiency.
What can I cook on an OMG?
OMGs have been used to cook and serve just about anything, including burgers, hot dogs, tacos, brisket, vegan dishes, vegetables, grilled sandwiches, pancakes, and eggs. Meats include fish, beef, chicken, turkey, and pork. Cold items include smoothies, chilled beverages, ice cream, and edible cookie dough.
Do all models come with a sink?
For the models that don’t have a sink as standard equipment, an optional four-compartment sink can be added. Only the Eli Edition has a full-size sink. 
Can an OMG be pulled across rugged terrain? 
Yes. OGMs were originally designed for rescue, disaster relief, and military operations. Even if a vehicle can’t get through, its light weight allows one or two individuals to hand-maneuver it into difficult to reach places.


Where are OMGs manufactured?
Each OMG is built from the wheels up (including the trailer base) in our Azle, Texas manufacturing facility.
Is the OMG patented?
Yes, both the trailer design and the dual-chamber vertical smoker are patented.
Who designs OMGs?
All trailers are designed in-house in our Azle, Texas office. Many of our new designs are based on customer requests.
Can I visit your facility?
Yes! We’re located in Azle, Texas outside of Fort Worth. Give us a call to schedule a visit.
Who owns OMG Grills?
OMG is owned by Erwin Manufacturing, a veteran women owned-and-operated company. Visit our About page to learn more.
What does OMG stand for?
Outdoor Mobile Grill

After years of using military acronyms, what else would we call it?
QUESTIONS? CALL 817-382-2728
SHIPS in 14-21 business days!
*due to delays in the supplly chain, CALL for current build/ship time
Due to the custom built nature, no returns are available.
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