Health Inspections & Concession Trailer Commercial Permits

Posted on Dec/Mon/2019
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How do our unique open-design concession trailers permit? Does an OMG pass health inspections? These are questions we get all the time, so we've put together this post and video to clear things up.

The simple answer is yes: OMGs can permit as concession trailers, food trailers, catering trailers, food carts, and many types of commercial permits. There are hundreds of OMGs operating with commercial food licenses across the united states every day.

The exact process varies greatly by state, city, and county so it's tough to go into a ton of detail on why and how. In any case, since our trailers are custom built to order, we're always happy to work with you to modify your OMG to work with your local health department.

We filmed a quick fireside chat with Tabatha with more details on health department inspections:

One important thing to understand it that inspections will vary on the type of food you're selling. Commisary-style foods will effectively always permit, even in counties turning down $200,000 food trucks for food handling licenses. For other types of food prepared on-site, it's going to depend on the temperature requirements of that type of food and sanitary regulations for that county.

Thankfully, OMGs are designed specifically for excellent temperature control: from the high BTU output steam tables to insulated smokers to griddles and grills we've got hot food handled. Every OMG either comes with a stainless steel four-compartment sink and drainable steel ice chest standard or can have one or both added. And we have multiple models with freezers/fridges and the on-board battery system to power them.

If you're looking for an all-in-one package, our signature Eli Edition takes the open food trailer and grill trailer concept to the next level into a full-blown commercial mobile kitchen, with a pressurized stainless instant hot water three-compartment sink, separate hand-washing sink, and the fresh and grey water tanks to power them. As well as a built-in drainable ice chest, a vented cover, five-well steam table, smoker or insulated holding box, Blackstone large griddle, lava-rock grill, LED lighting to serve anytime, and freezer/fridge. Fully powered off-the-grid with propane and a battery bank and charge inverter.

If you have any other questions about health inspections, talk to your local health department or give us a call. And don't worry about it, we'll work with you through the process!


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