The Phoenix Edition
Y'all asked for it, we delivered! The Phoenix Edition allows you to close up your equipment at the end of the day, while transporting down the road, and for storage! 

It also allows for awnings on BOTH sides of the trailer, with just the push of a button! The sides are adjustable for your needs! 

The front and back panels can also be easily lifted by hand! 

This can be added on to any trailer model!
Eli Edition - $2500
Any Other Model- $3500
Tombstone multifunctional pizza oven
The Tombstone is a multifunctional, multipurpose pizza oven. It’s unique design allows for direct radiate heat, the proper way to cook a pizza. It’s constructed out of 10 gauge steel. It features a 1000 degree thermometer, easily removable door, fixed rack, and comes with an 18x18 pizza stone. It’s powered by a 200,000 BTU burn that runs off of propane gas.

One of the unique features about this pizza oven, is your ability to use real wood, instead of pellets, to get wood fired pizza in 60 seconds! It is 22 x 24 x 20 overall, with a 8 x 22 x 20 cooking chamber. That is 3,520 cubic inches of cooking space. It’s multiple heat sources are not only perfect for a professional pizza, but work great for double searing steaks, ribs, burgers, and hot dogs. This oven will get to cooking temperature in 2 minutes.
The "Texas Tornado" offers 45,408 cubic inches of cooking area, a rotating basket and an internal rotation fan. It's made of 10 gauge steel and a large fire box measuring 22" x 24" x 10" with variable speed control. Every "Texas Tornado" model has a 3/8 drive shaft and a variable 12 v motor.

This exciting product can be added to any of our OMG food concession trailers or act as a stand alone unit! It is built at our manufacturing facility in friendly, Azle, Texas by our quality craftsmen.
Choose which side to showcase on this removable marquee sign. One side has your custom plasma cutout and the other side is a chalkboard to write your menu on.  Watch our video to learn more. 
Addon Four Compartment Sink
.O22 16-gauge stainless steel 12” x 6” x 4” four-compartment sink (three washing compartments and a separated handwashing sink) drains directly into a 9.5-gallon gray water tank. We recommend using it with a hot-water-on-demand system. Not needed on models that are listed as including a sink. Watch our video to learn more. 
Add three extra well slots on this tray that attaches to the rear of any OMG. The trays contain a drain for melted ice. (The photo shows a possible configuration with hotel pans that are not included.)
QUESTIONS? CALL 817-382-2728
SHIPS in 14-21 business days!
*due to delays in the supplly chain, CALL for current build/ship time
Due to the custom built nature, no returns are available.
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